Cross Device Conversions

90% of users switch between devices. Cross-device conversions happen when a user clicks on one device but finished a transaction on another. People are switching between screens to complete tasks every day. It is very important to track this kind of conversions to better understand purchase process. For example, a user clicks on your ad... Continue Reading →


The value of Instagram story takeovers

Even though Instagram Stories have only been around for two weeks, you can already see Snapchat-like behaviors crossing over to Instagram. One of the most beneficial, from a marketing perspective, is account takeovers. If you don’t know what a takeover is, it’s basically a collaboration where you and another user appear on each other’s stories.... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Digital Marketing future trends

1. Mobile is the centre of marketing. Evolution of smartphones, tables and other wearable devices is the key factor that will influence marketing. This will let marketers to strike up more personalised relationship with customers through the power of mobile phones. Spending on mobile advertising will exceed desktop advertising, because of tremendous success of reaching... Continue Reading →

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