Number one waste of time? Trying to convert your customers.

Effective selling should be any business’s number one priority. But it might not be that obvious to everyone. You might be approaching how to sell to customers the wrong way. Why? Because you are trying to convert, instead of employing effective selling techniques. Let me explain. People approach me quite often to ask how to... Continue Reading →

Why numbers are not that relevant as influence in social networks?

Many brands put follower count or impressions as their priority. Numbers do matter, but the quality should be considered first. Many brands overemphasis the width of engagement, like how many connections they can make, rather that the depth of interactions, which are much more important for measuring success in social networks. First of all, the... Continue Reading →

My company enters Russian market. What should I know?

This article is dedicated to marketing and digital marketing executives whose company expands to the Russian market. When it comes to social media and search marketing , advertisers need to use completely different platforms unknown for North American and Western Europe users. Search Engine Marketing Marketers have successfully adopted SEM, because it is an effective... Continue Reading →

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