6 ways to sell more cars online

Selling cars online car be challenging, Margie Martin proposes six best tools or ways how to car dealers can boost sales online what tools can benefit car dealers:

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No.1: Start with a strong customer relationship management system or digital engagement platform.

According to Carzone Ireland, it takes up to 60 days from the point when a customer decides to purchase a new car, and actually ordering it from a dealership. A massive online research is being done before a customer goes to the dealership. On every sales funnel stage, they engage with brands, and losing them from the sight means a lost sale to your competitor. It is impossible for sales team to keep a track of all customers in memory. I definitely agree that every car dealership needs a solid CRM system to manage all interactions with past buyers and potential customers. 

No.2: Most dealerships start with generic newsletters – one version sent to all prospects – because it’s easy to do. That’s a great start. But over time, you should use the tool more creatively and learn to segment and personalize those newsletters. It will have a big impact on results. 

Segmentation does help to boost email campaign performance. According to Mailchimp, segmented campaigns get 14.31% higher open rate, 100.95% higher number of clicks, 9.37% lower unsubs rate. From my personal experience, segmentation is great in term of satisfaction, as I was able to reach interested in our offer audience, we received better output and unsubs rate was much lower. 

No.3: Make sure your website and emails are mobile ready. Data from Outsell shows that more than one third of dealer emails are opened on a mobile device. 

The world has already become mobile – first. Our website’s mobile traffic has exceeded other devices a long while ago with 46.9% of all users using mobile devices. Many our users learn start their experience on mobile devices. I do agree that a mobile friendly website is crucial for auto makers and car dealers.

No.4: Keep your website fresh. It’s truly the face of your dealership. Virtually every customer now visits your website multiple times before they visit in person. Make a good first impression.

 According to Carzone, customers visit on average 1.6 dealerships before they order a car. All homework and research is done on the Internet. Having an informative and useful website is the key success for all car dealers.

No.5: Leverage live chat. Prospects visiting your website are actively looking for a vehicle. Their interest in buying is as high as a showroom visitor’s.

Live chat is great web a company is selling a complex products and customers would have many questions during purchase process. Customers may prefer live chat over a telephone conversation when they are at work, and they can chat with a sales assistant. Live chat sounds like a great idea for car dealers, but in our case we get 566.6% more general enquiries than live chat enquiries. Live chat is a nice tool to have but car dealers should not overestimate they expectations from buying a live chat.

No.6: Use text and short message service (SMS) marketing carefully. New Federal Trade Commission rules require companies to have explicit opt-in customer permission before texting them for marketing purposes.

Smart texts have 98% open rate. They can be very expensive, but they are great for special offers, when we need to reach our prospects and past buyers, we would use smart texts. At the same time, emails have 3 times lower open rate, but much higher conversion rate and lower unsubs rate. Our customers prefer emails over smart texts, we get lower number of complains.


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