Cross Device Tracking in Google Analytics

What is Cross Device Tracking?

It describes phenomenon of people moving from one device to another during purchase process. For example, when you carry out a search on mobile first, but purchase on your desktop or a tablet device.

Universal Analytics and User ID

Universal Analytics helps us to track cross device conversions. It was released by Google, one of the features that was released with Universal Analytics is User ID feature, which allows to associate engagements across multiple sessions from multiple devices. In Google Analytics. User ID is considered to be a unique use. We are tracking unique users, not sessions. Enabling Universal Analytics allows to track across devices, like when a user moves from a smartphone device to a table, or desktop.

User ID Reporting

User ID feature is an additional reporting:

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 22.11.18.png

We can see the path of conversions by devices and number of conversions. This report provides a great insight, as for example if we look at mobile conversions in isolation, then we won’t see anything. And we might start moving away from mobile device, but with the report like this we can see the importance of mobile device on conversion way.

User ID for Multichannel Retailers

This feature is great for multichannel online and offline retailers. With a user ID feature and something like a loyalty card, we can see a user carrying out a research and then coming to the website to look at the item to purchase. When people start tracking those sales, that will change the complexion of how they view their digital marketing and the value that it actually offers.

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