Why numbers are not that relevant as influence in social networks?


Many brands put follower count or impressions as their priority. Numbers do matter, but the quality should be considered first. Many brands overemphasis the width of engagement, like how many connections they can make, rather that the depth of interactions, which are much more important for measuring success in social networks.

First of all, the number of impressions do not tell the whole story. Whereas, many marketers measure the success by impressions. For example, 10,000 people watched our video on Facebook, but what happened is that they might scrolled through your ad and didn’t even pay attention, but analytics still says that they watched it. Not only impressions can mislead us, but also engagement KPIs which are considered to be positive. The same misconception can be applied to the number of followers a brand has. This only matters when your audience is actively engaging with your content. Followers can be absolutely everything or absolutely nothing.

What really matters is your audience attention. Brands need to focus on the value that piece of content brings to your audience. For your follower to get excited about something click on it and read/watch your piece of content, you need to focus on these indicators when creating content.


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