KPIs for creative agencies – Interview.

Could you briefly explain the process of acquiring a new client?

We are business to business organisation. We have around 15 clients right now. We get it through a pitch process, or an internal process. We have never run a campaign for our agency. It is about reputation and PR. How much coverage you get. With PR we win new clients. For an agency. It is predominantly about raising your profile. The client will set up a meeting. They might look around, look at the website. But we have never run a marketing campaign.

Just to add to Abbie. We may spot an opportunity. We invest our time into our client, speaking to them, and then of course getting the client in that way. It would not been a marketing spend or research and scoping internally what opportunities they have and then reaching out to the client. But again this is not a mass marketing. We are not spending budgets and then calculate what type of ROI we are getting.

Do you guys do any social listening what figure out what your clients are talking about you?

No, we currently have 15 clients. Our clients are top companies. It would not make sense for us. Our clients’ customers are talking about them. It would not be that type of eco system that brand are talking about advertising agencies.

Would you remember the most successful campaign you have ever done for your client?

Back to PR. We have case studies on our website, and if you go to the website you can find all details about our top projects. We don’t do radio, we don’t do digital marketing, but we do social media sometimes to raise our profile, and measure things.

Do you get a feedback from your clients about projects you have done for them?

Yes, of course during the campaign, or at the end of campaign, of course we get results.

Just to add to Abbie as well. Sometimes when we do great artwork or innovative work, the results will depend on the brand. Or the offer they make. If our client cant make the works, they measure for themselves, like how many customers have joined them or the amount revenue they make. Our client can admire the work we do. A lot our clients would measure for themselves. And that’s how we are praised on the work we do. We cant control their advertising. Of course they customers perceive this, depends on them. That’s why we work really closely with them. A lot of our clients been with us for a long period of time. We are trying to learn from one campaign to improve the next.

Would you be reaching our to the client or client come to you since you are already a well-established creative agency?

Pitch team will be dealing with them, and try to pull our requirements. A pitch would involve four to five agencies. The client would send out a pitch proposal, a lot of clients have contacts with agencies. Or they got additional budget. What the brand might do sometimes is with will apply a pitch doc. They don’t know how they should be judging agencies, what criteria, what services, if you have a good reputation as Abbie said. They will apply for a pitch proposal to work with them to launch this product. They might select 10 agencies and send out pre-qualification questionnaire. They will send this out to maybe 10 agencies, and after these questions of what they need like does agency have visual skills in place, how much resources do they have, have they worked on similar campaigns or brands in the similar industry. Agencies decide if they respond to pqq, and maybe from 10 only three or four will reply. After agencies are told whether they are progressing to the final pitch or if they are now suitable. We will be competing against other agencies. You have a few weeks to work on proposal. You make 50 – 100 pages to the way of your working , what projects you have been work on, what staff you have, how you would approach the project and then you present your work and present your case study.

So you get a few PQQ, would you measure how many contracts you manage to close?

It does not go in that way. We get feedback. It is not like that. You can win two in a row, and then miss 10. We should be getting each request each client each budget each allocation it is all so different. A lot of time you are competing with other agencies who could have had experience in this or previously work with this client. Sometime we think we have a better chance. A lot of this is about chemistry in the room.

As you said you get feed back from your clients, do you analyse the feedback given to you to figure out the type of people you need and skills?

Sure, we do. We also analyse our competitors what projects they have done. Of course we try to figure out what went wrong. What we could have done better. What agency did they choose, yes there is a lot of that analysis.  Have we lost two pitches in a row. There is tons of that. A pitch does take a lot of agency time, effort, of course it does.  So of course if you invest your time and you are not successful. We don’t go for every proposal. We select on what piece of work they go after. It is very important for agencies to select of what they go after, otherwise they will be wasting time. We need to be selective as well.

Before you get shortlisted, clients do a lot of work, and before they select you how to they learn about your work? Would you measure you website KPIs?

A lot of time clients will do their research, they will go to your website. They will search to find what articles will come up. But a lot of people would already know certain agencies. We have a lot of big clients. It says a lot if you have a client such as Vodafone. Because they are a high calibre of clients. In terms of the website, I am the guy who looks after the website. It is a little bit different when we are thinking about the traffic to our website. There is a limited number of people we wish to speak to. We can have a high traffic to our website, but the reality is that there is only few decision makers of us to be their agency. It is not like a company who selling online products. A lot of our traffic would not be related to our business. We do a lot of work on the website. We try to continuously improve our website. For as it would be understanding what information they may be seeking. Is it case studies or is it staff, is it award. What KPIs do they have for selecting. We constantly try to understand our user personas. And how we can service them better. We are not gonna analyse them from business perspective. Because it does not mean that those visitors that we have could be our potential clients. But we do optimise our website all the time but more in quantitative perspective.

Do you have KPIs for you case studies?

Yes, we do. We benchmark case studies against each other. We look at bounce rate, type of content we have there, like a text of video, how long they spend on this case. Do we have a call to action… and how many people click on it, and succeed in it. We measure elements against each other on the website to optimise. Talent acquisition is also crucial for us. Case allow to show what our company is about, and what the person will be doing at our company.

Do you do anything on social media?

Yes, we have social media accounts. Linkedin. We will share our works on that. But it is different what other businesses are doing. We are not contacting people on linkedin trying to say hey lets fo the business together. That’s now how it even could be done. There is a line between showing your interest and a project and the client. Frustrating them because they might have an agency they are happy with… they might have two years contract, so you would not really make those proposals whenever it is possible. We go to a lot of events, and we try to talk about our agency we showcase projects. And when they have a project, they will know, and will be on the list. We do a lot of events for self promotion.




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