Why attribution is very important?

Attribution can be a hard topic for clients to understand due to its complexity. Attribution can be applied not only to Paid Search, but for other channels that bring visitors to the website. Due to shortage of marketing budget, attribution is a great way to explain investment into a channel. Another reason attribution is important because of the rise of mobile search. The real issue is linking mobile with desktop. More searches take place on mobile, at the same desktop is much better in generating conversions. Attribution can help understand the value a device category brings:

Below we can see standard Google Analytics attribution models:

  • Last Touch/Interaction: This model gives all credit for a conversion to the last touchpoint.
  • Last Non-Direct Click: This attribution model gives credit to the last touch point before a conversions take place.
  • First Interaction: This attribution model gives 100% of credit to a channel that was the first touchpoint.
  • Linear: This assigns each touchpoint in a conversion equally. For example, if there were four touchpoints, each would be awarded 25% of the conversion.
  • Time Decay: This model gives more credit to the more recent touchpoints.
  • Position Based: This model weights the first and last touchpoints, at 40 percent each, while distributing the remaining 20 percent among those touchpoints in the middle. Not available for all advertisers though.

Attribution reporting in Google Analytics

To start using attribution report, we need to enable ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics and setting up goals. GA offers a number of reports to better understand attribution, which include Multi-Channel Funnels reports and the Model Comparison tool. These both can be found in Analytics Reporting Tab.


The Multi-Channel Funnels reports is great to pull out insights about assisted conversions and channels involved.


The model comparison tool allows us to compare different attribution models at the same time.


This will provide further insight into how to properly attribute conversions to your marketing efforts.


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